Negative Thoughts

How To Reframe

I keep on learning.

I always fail...

I can at least try it.

It will never work...

I love myself.
I haven't met the right person yet.

I'm unloved...

I made a mistake.

I am stupid...

I'm not perfect, but I'm human, and I'm worthy.

I'm worthless

I did something bad.

I am a bad person...

I am feeling sad lately, but it won't always be this way.

I'm just a sad person..

My life might be tougher without my parents' support, but I will not let my happiness rest on them.
I can choose my own family and follow my own path.

I can't be happy...

I will unfollow triggering accounts and follow which will give 
me positive vibes for my mental health.

Social media is becoming toxic for me...

How to Stop Negative Thinking

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